Given a copy of The Scorpions”World wide live” album around 1985 and never looked back.

Never had big hair. Semi pro guitarist. First band was David Hasselhoff theme band”Poodlehoff” largely obsessed with seafood and lampshades.

Second band was “Filthy Smith” rock and pop covers band known for delivering disco covers in a Metallica style and gigging mainly around Newark,Nottinghamshire for 3 years. First gig to 250 Steel foundry workers most of whom had been advised of redundancy by our singer that day.

During first recording session was told his guitar sounded like a “Buzzsaw”and therefore with regard to his Multi-FX pedal he should “Go home and read the manual” by the studio engineer.

Third band was “The Spanners rock and pop covers band” 5 piece rock and pop covers band.Broke up Dec2014. Fourth band titled “New band”4 piece rock and pop covers band built a set over 6 months before disbanding due other commitments.Created “Nottinghamshire jam night” (see Facebook). Side project: “Udder delight” (see Facebook) Nottinghamshire’s premier bovine super group.

Ventured into stage management and solo guitar playing in 2015.